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MAQS DOORS DUBAI was considered as an organization in 2017, after the years of experience we are dedicated to manufacturing luxurious and contemporary doors for homes and businesses. Our team of specialists boasts years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, secure doors that are needed for modern homes. We offer a wide variety of styles and frames, ensuring cutting-edge design, strength, durability, reliability, and long-lasting appeal according to your needs. From Aluminum doors to folding doors, telescopic doors to frameless folding doors, and moreover we tailor our products to meet customers' unique custom needs. At MAQS DOORS DUBAI, we are committed to upholding the principles of luxury and quality products. Our integrated approach involves a team of expert technologists, architects, and manufacturers who work together to deliver products that meet market demands. All of our timeless products are manufactured by installed by our own expert crews that work day to night to compete with market trends. Our focus is on creating something noticeable, yet elegantly simple, products that always prioritize customer service, trust, and relationships to ensure the success of our every project.

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Our Certificates

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized quality management standard. This ISO 9001 standard defines the specifications for a Quality Management System (QMS). ISO 9001 standards give a complete approach to documentation and procedure evaluation necessary for ISO 9001:2015 certification in Dubai. A corporation or firm can simply demonstrate its capacity to produce high-quality products and services with an ISO 9001 certification in UAE. The benefits of having an ISO 9001 QMS extend beyond greater efficiency to customer satisfaction and overall organizational development.

Maqs QRS certificates
Maqs certificates
QRS certificates

Our Vision

With a reputation for innovation, we take pride in recognizing that the highest degree of quality is attained by a good work ethic, advanced experience, and efficient communication. Our whole staff is dedicated to providing outstanding workmanship, high-quality materials, and superior customer support.
Our primary goal is to complete all tasks in a timely and high-quality manner while maintaining consistent collaboration and transparent contact with our customers.

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MAQs Doors Mission

Our Mission

The secret to our success at MAQS is collaborating closely with stakeholders and customers to regularly offer high-quality goods and exceptional support. Our obsessive attention to detail and functionality is what distinguishes us as an aluminum market pioneer. Because of our outstanding reputation, we have been able to sustain our vision of being the most sought-after aluminum supplier by homeowners and construction firms