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MAQS Doors Dubai was established in 2016 to offer bifold doors to contractors and consumers. In early 2017 the company added sliding doors, Aluminum folding doors, Folding doors, pergolas, Gazebos to its portfolio, and later that year windows and Skylights.

With a manufacturing facility in Dubai, MAQS offers supply and installation to the whole of mainland United Arab Emirates.

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Types Of Services MAQS Doors Provide

Doors Manufacturing

MAQS is well run by a professional and seasoned team that works directly under the supervision of highly trained engineers with extensive expertise in material requirements, aluminum manufacturing processes, quality control, and products management schedules. Our primary goal is to optimize performance, leverage capital, and, most importantly, reduce costs and enhance services.

Plumbing Services

We have a well-trained team of plumbers and plumbing technicians who can handle any plumbing crisis or emergency plumbing incident. We mount, maintain, and restore a full range of plumbing fixtures in kitchens, baths, and other areas of your home or workplace.

Ac Installation

Installation and maintenance of air conditioning, ventilation, and air filtration systems: We provide complete AC service, maintenance, repair, and installation. We will have prompt, high-quality service if you require air conditioning installation for a single unit or an entire office building. Preventative maintenance will ensure that the machine operates at peak efficiency.

Wallpaper Installation

We have established ourselves as the leading specialist wallpaper repair business in Dubai. It is solely due to the high quality of our wallpaper installation jobs, as well as our reasonable prices and excellent customer service. We still launch wallpaper products on time and finish them in a timely manner.

These certificates are proudly presented to MAQS Doors Dubai for honorable achievement.