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MAQS has been working with door manufacturers since many years now. And as per demands of our clients we are introducing our windows collection:

  • Starting from sliding windows which lately has become an increasing choice in Dubai homes.
  • While using our sliding windows you will feel a modish upgrade in your homes instantly. And you'll be making a one move forward towards trendy era of Dubai.


Our Sliding windows can be fixed at any corner you wish for. Also, it can be designed according to any requirement of our client. As Dubai homes are made congested so every kitchen requires a short and classy window. So, just stop browsing around and get yourself a beautiful window for your kitchen corner. In contrary restrooms are also made for chilling around and if it does not have a window, it feels like an empty space. Our sliding windows in Dubai will modify your restrooms, kitchen, living rooms and anywhere you want them to be installed.


MAQS DOOR DUBAI is leaned towards quality installation and manufacturing of doors that’s why our team of expert door makers in Dubai use high tech modern technologies which help sliding windows to be stayed for long time. Quality is something we consider our first and foremost priority and when it comes to home remolding processes our team gives their best manufactured sliding windows and other products.


SLIDING 24 is an excellent sliding window item presented by MAQS, a main supplier of negligible sliding windows and doors in Dubai. This imaginative sliding window framework includes a smooth and current plan, with a tight sightline of simply 24mm that expands how much regular light goes into the room while giving fantastic warm execution. SLIDING 24 works with excellent materials, including sturdy aluminum edges and elite execution double-frosted glass, and is intended to offer smooth and easy activity. This sliding window item is accessible in a scope of varieties and completions to suit any inside plan, settling on it an ideal decision for private and commercial ventures the same.


Sliding 36 is the second main product provided by us in our sliding windows collection. SLIDING 36 is a moderate sliding window item Presented by our team of experts in Dubai giving it a measurement of 36mm so that it can be fitted in any area you wish for. Highlights slimline profiles to augment normal light and give warm protection and soundproofing. Sliding 36 is planned with a lift-and-slide instrument for simple opening and shutting of window boards. Made with tough materials, including superior execution glass and aluminum outlines. Gives enduring execution and negligible upkeep for your spaces. These sliding windows offers an exquisite and down to earth answer for current homes and commercial structures. Gives a spotless and contemporary focus on any space.


A sliding window introduced by MAQS is a kind of window that opens evenly by sliding along a track. The Sliding 54 is a modern sliding window product presented by us, an organization that has some expertise in custom designing arrangements. This product includes a slimline aluminum outline with a 54mm sightline, giving a smooth and present day tasteful. The sliding scarf can be arranged to slide either left or right, and the windows can be intended to slide past one another for most extreme ventilation. The Sliding 54 likewise includes an elite presentation thermal break, guaranteeing energy effectiveness and lessening heat misfortune. Moreover, the Sliding 54 is a sharp and functional decision for those searching for a moderate sliding window arrangement in Dubai.


These sliding windows are designed by professional door maker in a way that it provides minimal designing of 21mm frames that can be used at any area of your home or commercial places for ventilation and an upgrade look Also its design completely depends on our customers if the existing windows doesnot match your interior than contact MAQS we have expert designers that will manufacture sliding windows according to your interior and requirements. It is very easy to keep as you don’t have time in offices so clean it on daily basis so MAQS is nw providinga permenant solution for this issue Book our sliding window Now!


Double glazing is a kind of window where two sheets of glass are isolated by a layer of air or gas to give protection and it is now introduced by MAQS in Dubai. The double glazing impact created by MAQS of sliding windows implies that the they have two sheets of glass that are isolated by a layer of air or gas, which gives protection to lessen heat misfortune and clamor transmission. This makes our sliding windows more energy-proficient and assists with keeping the inside of the structure agreeable by diminishing intensity misfortune during colder months and forestalling heat gain during warmer months in Dubai.