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Crafting Dreams: MAQS Aluminium Doors for Your Home Aluminium Doors: Stylish and Durable Solutions for Your Home

Elevate your living spaces with elegance of Aluminium Door. These sleek, modern, and aluminium sliding doors are here to redefine your home. With unmatched  functionality, they bring new life into your living spaces.

Aluminium doors aren’t about aesthetics; they also provide security for your entrances. In Dubai, they’ve become the most common solution for enhancing residential spaces.

Picture a home where style meets durability. Aluminium door are your gateway to a more refined and secure living. Explore the world of aluminum doors today, and watch your home transformation.

Introduction to Aluminium Door

In  Dubai, aluminum doors and windows offer a world of transformation. These doors bring benefits that can revamp any space. Aluminum glass doors add transparency, enhancing home design. For commercial buildings, aluminum is the ultimate solution, promising durability and security.

Consider aluminum windows, which not only look appealing but also feature high-alert alarms. These alarms ensure your home’s safety. In Dubai, professional aluminum fabricators secure doors with top-notch locks.

Also, aluminum sliding doors are weatherproof. Their robust exterior survives bad weather, ensuring security. Aluminum is like a mighty metal that stands strong against wear and tear.

Features Of Aluminium Doors

Embrace the Scenic Beauty

 Aluminium Door frames allows you to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces . It offers unobstructed views of your surroundings. Whether it’s a lush garden or a landscape view Aluminium doors enhance the scenic beauty of your home. If you’ll use them in commercial buildings it can provide best architectural landscapes along with security.

Elegant Style and High-Performance

Aluminum doors are a blend of elegance and high-performance. They not only look stunning but also provide exceptional insulation and energy efficiency. Aluminium sliding doors can improve your home’s elegance. If you want to feel the fresh air without opening the door than sliding doors are best for these conditions.

Lightweight Durability

Despite their lightweight modern design, Aluminium Doors are durable. They use specific test of time, ensuring that your investment in these doors pays off for years to come. Moreover, Aluminium folding doors are most of the lightest weight among its categories. These are durable because of high quality materials in it.

Top-Notch Security Screens

Security is paramount for any home or business. Aluminium door frames come equipped with top-notch security screens that provide style. These security screens prevent harsh weathers and secure your home better than ever.

 Sliding Screens for Your Convenience

Experience the convenience of Aluminium sliding doors that open and close . These doors are designed for smooth operation, making access to your outdoor spaces.

 Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum doors are resistant to corrosion. It means your doors will maintain their actual appearance even in harsh weather conditions.

Sleek Modern Design

Aluminium Doors consists leek and modern design that complements any architectural landscape. They add a touch of sophistication to both commercial buildings and residential spaces. And along with its appearance it provides durability and security. Also its smooth designs are attractive enough. So, if it you install it at your doorstep its worth the process.

 Low Maintenance

Say goodbye to high maintenance costs . Aluminium doors and all types of other Aluminium doors like folding, glass and sliding doors requires very less attention. Keep them clean and make sure to clean their locks daily in routine . You can look for sprays that keep aluminium more effective and in this way it will last for long time.

Customization Options

It is a fact that every space is unique. That’s why professional Aluminium fabricators offers wide range of customization options. They allow you to tailor your aluminum doors to suit your specific preferences.

Installation Service

Professional installation services of Aluminium glass doors are available at your doorstep. To ensure that your aluminum doors are set up contact any door manufacturer around your home.  Expert manufacturers will handle the installation process with precision. Installation team works according to the needs and requirements of their clients.These services starts from making a clear space. After that professional team measures your desired space. The door is than installed by adjusting its tracks and rollers on the ground.

Custom-Made and Flexible Aluminium Door

Aluminum Profiles

our profiles are made by aluminum alloy 6063-T5, thermal or non-thermal break in various surface treatments supplied by the top 5 manufacturers.


Quality hardware including hinges handles with locks from top brands made in Spain and made Italy etc.


MAQS system provides the facility of glazing to satisfy the customer requirements which saves cost and defines quality.

Thermal break aluminum profile

Thickness 1.4-2.0 mm for windows and doors the insulating strip makes the frame body to be spaced at a moderate distance. thus, contributing to better heat and noise insulation.

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