Aluminium Doors

Aluminium Doors and Fire-Rated Doors by MAQS in Dubai

Aluminium Doors

The custom-made flexible Aluminium Doors Dubai by MAQS can be opened or closed to the exact width you require across the entire opening with just a flick of the wrist. As required, the individual panels glide quietly and smoothly inwards or outwards, or to the right or left. And even when closed the large expanses of glass create a feeling of freedom: the light-filled space makes the living area with MAQS door manufacturer in UAE an all-year-round oasis of well being. 

The uniquely designed adaptable Aluminum Doors Dubai by MAQS can be opened or shut to the specific width you expect across the whole opening with only a flick of the wrist. What’s more, in any event, when these glassy doors are installed it creates a sensation of peace: the light-occupied space makes the living area devastating with us. Justifying your every penny MAQS provides the luxurious touch to your home by their best quality Aluminum doors you can find all around DUBAI. By advancing our services with best experienced team MAQS doors Dubai are considered to be the best finest quality aluminum doors manufactures.


MAQS is also providing Aluminium coated fire rated doors ,as security is the main concern at MAQS. Our doors has secure lock system moreover resisting fire and heat .It slows the flames of heat and slows the process of transferring heat into your region.

Custom-Made and Flexible Aluminium Door

Aluminum Profiles

our profiles are made by aluminum alloy 6063-T5, thermal or non-thermal break in various surface treatments supplied by the top 5 manufacturers.


Quality hardware including hinges handles with locks from top brands made in Spain and made Italy etc.


MAQS system provides the facility of glazing to satisfy the customer requirements which saves cost and defines quality.

Thermal break aluminum profile

Thickness 1.4-2.0 mm for windows and doors the insulating strip makes the frame body to be spaced at a moderate distance. thus, contributing to better heat and noise insulation.

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