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Pivot Doors

High-quality and Durable Pivot Doors

A swinging door with a smooth rotation toward vertical axis is now manufactured at MAQS. Providing slide and pivot doors with glassy look is our specialty. These doors are quite different from sliding doors as they are large in size and can have more than one-fold. The thickness of an aluminum pivot entrance door is dispersed to a focal turn point, normally situated at the base and top of the entryway, making a bigger entrance feasible. You can look over a wide range of glass, from twofold paneled glass to frosted glass for security. Contemporary the people who have keen interest in art will love the idea of slide door as they are aesthetically pleasant.


MAQS is now providing modern slim doors for your living area and rooms. A glassy look and handcrafted frame designing is our expert’s priority. They assure you the quality and security of these doors. These doors are more usable in workplaces as they have high lock systems, providing complete security and beauty. Offices are divided with help of these doors also proving great working environment. Modern pivot doors are now installed at every home in Dubai, as every one is interested to upgrade their home.


MAQS is manufacturing aluminum pivot doors in UAE to assist people with different remolding methods of houses. High quality aluminum is used in our manufacturing process. Aluminum pivot entrance doors just not increase you homes decoration but also makes it unique from others. Workplaces can gain vast advantages from our slide and ultra slim pivot door range, also gains maximum attention from your new clients entering the office. Professionals at MAQS manufacture these doors with different layout and styles. Our Aluminum is the perfect material to be used in any office or apartment as they are energy efficient and durable.

GET BENEFITS FROM OUR Slide and Pivot Doors

These doors are just not visually appealing but provides a bucket of advantages. We at MAQS manufactures and installs doors with keen hard work using high quality materials. Clients’ requirements are made reviewed in every order so that it would deliver all of your necessities in one frame. The pivot hinge we made are highly technical in security and is also available in adjusting prices in UAE.



Glass Pivot Doors

These glass doors comes in variety of sizes and shapes and are mainly used for diving your irregular spaces. MAQS has found solution to all your problems by providing highly durable and modern glass pivot doors. Now make your living area more luxurious and alluring along with our experts. Whether the door is small or larger hinges designed by our manufacturers will hold it for a long time and you don't need any extra maintenance for that.

Front Pivot Doors

Front pivot doors are specially made for perfect big entrance and are beneficial for commercial areas. With help of MAQS experts you can design your very own front doors by using any material of your desire. On this door project our architects and designers can help with any kind of design and right placement of the door. Create dimensions with the help of these doors and make your homes one way forward towards modern trends.

Frameless Pivot Doors

Frameless doors are desired by every homeowner and that's why MAQS is now introducing customized frameless pivot doors. It can be designed of any material like glass , aluminum or any material of your choice. Moreover you can choose design , shape and size according to your home. These doors manufactured by us can change your whole interior instantly.

Single Pivot Doors

These doors can be sleek and stylish, and are often used in modern or minimalist architecture. They can create a sense of open space and allow for more natural light to enter a room. MAQS design these doors to withstand heavy use and are typically made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel. This makes them strong and durable, and able to resist wear and tear over time. Doors manufactured by us require a single pivot point, making them easy to operate with minimal effort. They can be opened and closed with a simple push or pull, and do not require any complicated mechanisms or hardware.

Double Pivot Doors

These double Doors can help you with large living areas and MAQS is now introducing high quality Double pivot doors that can be installed in any area of your home. The range of designs offered by MAQS are intellectual and updated according to the new trends in Dubai.