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Bifold Doors

Bifold Doors are perfect to save space around your living areas and doors designed by MAQS is highly manufactured under expert guidelines, so they are secure and safe to use and install in homes and workplaces. Bifold doors Dubai can be a perfect choice for remolding of home because they are majorly being used by many people in Dubai. MAQS can provide your living areas their perfect deigned bi-fold doors with as many panels you want to attach to it. Installation of bi-folding doors can help you with instant transformation of designing and interior of your homes.

Transform Your Space with Our Bifold Doors

Transforming your homes are way too easy now just because of our high-quality Bi-folding doors and it also can divide your spaces intellectually. Along with the quality bifold doors are energy efficient and are designed from high technological materials. Bifold doors can help you in many ways reducing energy costs and moreover making it stylish and alluring towards your homes. Keeping different styles in mind MAQS is also offering variety of materials for your bifold doors in Dubai. You can contact us and get expert advice at any time of the day.

Why Should You Choose our Bifold Doors?

MAQS manufacture Bifold doors according to your requirements whether it’s the style or the shape everything can be customized.

  • Door, we manufacture are energy efficient and durable. It holds for long time and are safe to use.
  • Experts at MAQS manufactures bifold doors Dubai in a way that they can resist any kind of harsh and unpredictable weather conditions in Dubai.
  • Create a beautiful lifestyle with our bi-folding doors and have some modern trends for a welcoming vibe.
  • We are providing bi-fold doors under reasonable prices so that our customers can have perfect combination of style and beauty.
  • Expensive sizes and slim frames are gaining value in market and that’s why MAQS has introduce its own luxurious range of bifolding Doors.

Explore Our Stylish and High-Quality Bifold Door Products

Aluminum Bifold Doors

Aluminum is perfect light weight material to choose for your little spaces and can divide your homes without making them messy. Installation of these door can also help you in a way that they can't get rot and wrapped. Just because of the premium quality material used by our experts. Aluminum Bifold doors are also famous due to its seamless structure they can allow uncountable natural light into your living areas. Also, it is efficient for a thermal break because the frame manufactured by MAQS can prevent direct heat.

Aluminum Bifold Doors

Corner Bifold Doors

Corner Bi-folding Doors are specially designed for corner areas of your homes so that you can get avoided by any unusual area of your house. These bifold doors are best for living area corners so you can have a perfect view of your garden. These doors can also help you with an increase in interior as they are stylish and frameless in looking. As many homes in Dubai are awkwardly shaped for those type of corners these doors are perfect for a strutural balance.

Corner Bifold Doors

Glass Bifol Doors

Glass is perfect for any remolding process that why MAQS has introduced glass door to give a perfect modern look of your homes. Glass Bifold doors moreover are easy to keep and maintain as they do not require special treatments you can clean them with any wet cloth, and they will remain cleaned till the whole day. So just select your suitable design and renovate your home with us.

Glass Bifold Doors

Accordion Bifold Doors

Accordion bifold doors are made up of different number of panels that can be made of your own choice. These doors are specially manufactured by our experts as they make durable and hard panels so that your homes are kept safe. As client's security is main service to offer. Accordion Bifold doors are also perfect space savers for your living areas and are aesthetically pleasant so that you can have a luxurious touch. Also, the way we design doors at MAQS they don't take up much space and that's the reason that it can be easily installed in apartments too.

Accordion Bifold Doors

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