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Premium Folding Door Solutions For Residential And Commercial Spaces

Folding Doors

Assuming you’re searching for a space-saving arrangement that offers both style and usefulness, look no farther than MAQS Doors Dubai. Our scope of high-quality folding doors is the ideal way for anybody hoping to transform their living or work areas. Folding Doors Dubai can become your best option so far.

Customizable Folding Doors

At MAQS, we comprehend that each client has interesting prerequisites, which is the reason we offer adaptable choices for our folding doors Dubai. Also, from style to shape, we can make a custom arrangement that impeccably accommodates your space and your taste.

Energy Efficient Folding Door for Dubai’s Harsh Weather

Our doors are intended to be energy effective and strong, guaranteeing that they can endure the cruel and flighty atmospheric conditions that are normal in Dubai. Moreover, with thin edges and sumptuous completions, our folding doors are the ideal method for making a beautiful and inviting living space.

Create a Beautiful and Welcoming Space by Our Folding Doors

Furthermore, our group of experts at MAQS, is focused on giving our customers the most ideal help and the highest quality products. We offer cutthroat costs for our folding doors Dubai, making them a reasonable and snazzy choice for anybody hoping to transform their space. It will enhance the whole interior in no time.

Now Get Affordable Folding Door from MAQS Doors Dubai

So why stand by? Transform your home or workplaces today with our scope of high-quality folding doors. Contact us now to find additional information about our products and services.

Doors Product Details

Aluminum Folding Doors

Aluminum folding doors at MAQS are an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. As our experts offer a great combination of style, functionality, and durability. Folding Doors Dubai have sleek design and add a modern touch to any space. They are also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including balconies, patios, and more. Additionally, they can be made customized according to your home's interior.

Aluminum Folding Doors

Glass Folding Doors

Our Glass folding doors Dubai are an increasingly popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Experts at MAQS offer a modern and stylish look while providing plenty of versatility and functionality. We manufacture it in a way that it can be used to create an indoor-outdoor living space, adding value to your property. They also provide increased security as they can be locked in multiple positions.

Glass Folding Doors

Our Doors Provide Better Visibility

Folding doors Dubai provides an excellent way to improve visibility in any space. These doors at MAQS are designed to open and close with ease, allowing for maximum natural light to enter the space while still providing privacy. Our experts manufacture Folding doors that come in a variety of styles and materials, making them suitable for your homes. So, book your suitable design now and take advantage of natural light while still maintaining your privacy.

Exclusive benefits of folding doors

Folding doors are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in Dubai looking to add an extra touch of style and convenience to their homes. Folding doors Dubai manufactured by MAQS not only look great, but they also offer a range of benefits that make them a great addition to any home. These doors can be used to create more space, increase natural light and ventilation, and provide more security. MAQS has introduced them in various styles so that you can have them customized too.

Exclusive benefits of folding doors

Twin Lock

Twin lock mechanisam fro additional burglar resistance.


Height Adjustment

Later height adjustment of running mechanisam possible for example;case of construction lowering.

Later height adjustment

Kinds of Handles

Different kinds of handles.

kinds of handles

Vertical Frame Profiles

Assembly shoes allow a fast assembly precise adjustment of the vertical frame profiles.


Handle series

Handle series display.


Panel catcher

Panel catcher for additional security to fix the pass door to adjacent panel.


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