Aluminium Double Glazed Folding Doors

Aluminium Double Glazed Folding Doors dubai

Products Overview

Aluminium Double Glazed Folding Doors

MAQS has now launched aluminum double gazing doors providing a high security system to your homes. These doors are purely manufactured by our specialists in Dubai maintaining the panels in the door and using high quality aluminum. It will benefit you with the interior of the house, moreover, providing a light-filled view of your living area.

We manufacture have a slinky finish and size of your own choice aluminium double gazed folding doors . MAQS offers a slimmer choice for double gazed folding doors that bears the cost of most extreme perceive ability, while simultaneously giving strength and security to aluminum’s life span will guarantee that you’re making a notable investment. Having inside aluminium gazed folding doors gives more space and opens up the house, while outside doors make your property a unique expect of beauty.

Thermal M-26 Series Bi Folding Doors

Non-Thermal M-26 series Bi Folding Doors

Aluminum Profiles

our profiles are made by aluminum alloy 6063-T5, thermal or non-thermal break in various surface treatments supplied by the top 5 manufacturers.



Quality hardware including hinges handles with locks from top brands made in Spain and made Italy etc.



MAQSBIFOLD system provides the facility of glazing to satisfy the customer requirements which saves cost and defines quality.


Thermal break aluminum profile

Thickness 1.4-2.0 mm for windows and doors the insulating strip makes the frame body to be spaced at a moderate distance. thus, contributing to better heat and noise insulation.