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Frameless Folding Door

At MAQS specialists install Frameless folding doors with delicacy as they are made of pure glass. Providing your homes, a move to the future of Dubai. Fameless folding  doors are the best choice to fill up an extra space in your living area. They will also cope with security conditions and a high alarm system.

At MAQS DOORS DUBAI we manufacture frameless folding doors that are unfathomably strong, and they will benefit you with a raised level of safety. We manufacture it in a way that it offers less frame and more glass for an uninterrupted view when closed.

Beneficial For Unexpected Weather Change in Dubai

The weather of Dubai is unexpected, and, in that case, no harmful winds would penetrate our double glasses frameless doors as it is tested by experts and is approved. The unique thing about our frameless folding doors is that all of the hard frame is concealed and designed by your own choice you will not be viewing any harsh equipment on our frames and this in regard gives your home a very flourishing and glassy look.