HT70 Folding Doors

HT70 Folding Doors

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HT70 Folding Doors

Our HT70 Series Folding Door is a standard aluminum system in Dubai where doors are united with hinges and top mechanism so as pulling the first door will lead the others together. The doors are applied into track rail which is fixed on top and slide using special rollers that provide smooth and quite movement.HT70 folding doors provide an on–airway sensor that provides monitory of security alarms attached to it. These doors are manufactured in Dubai and have effective seals and a strong thermal insulation system.

High secure lock system

We manufacture HT70 folding doors in a way that it contains high secure locks along with metal handles for easy openings. Moreover, fire and sound resistance has been installed by MAQS to avoid unwanted noise.


Door /Shutter width up to 75 to 80 cm and Height
up to 280 to 300 cm


Aluminum Profile:

Standard Anodized aluminum profile
Power Coated Finish in any Standard RAL Color
Non-thermal Profile



Single Glazed 10 or 12 mm thick
Double Glazed 24 mm thick (6+12+6mm) Clear,
Reflected or Tinted