Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic Doors Dubai

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Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic sliding doors manufactured at MAQS have no limit to its width you can customize it according to your own choice. With MAQS`s telescopic doors you can divide any space whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Easiest installation processes and high determination of specialist at MAQS is guaranteed service.

MAQS manufactures telescopic sliding door and the unit are effectively introduced into the walls abutting the wide door opening by proficient team members. This unit will empower the adjustable doors to slide in a smooth way around your hallway giving your home a wide amount of open space. This takes out any requirement for utilization of the space ordinarily expected for opening up into a room inside.

Adjustable casings

We have just introduced adjustable casings, two telescopic door boards can slide into the equivalent connecting wall, allowing full opening of the wide and induction of all outside light into the room. This also disposes of any requirement for utilization of the space regularly expected for opening up into a room inside.

Dividing Ambiances

Our telescopic sliding doors are used to divide the aura of home spaces in Dubai. Balance the beauty of your home with its durability and glassy look. Clean opening, free floor tracks and unwanted frames also involve high security alarms.