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MAQS Telescopic Doors Dubai are space-saving technology, suitable where there is less back run space / less door parking space to open the door. Ideal for exceptionally large /extra-large opening, partial opening can also be easily achieved in house product designing and manufacturing specially designed High-Grade Multiple Tracks at the top holds the door firmly. Perfectly noiseless and smooth sliding arrangement telescopic sliding doors come with high-performance dual-type top rollers and bottom rollers assembly for a smooth operation of the door highly impact resistant and corrosion-proof doors are easy to install and maintain. High winds resistance capacity. A complete visuallistic and stylish look to your home or building is provided by our door. For

Telescopic Door Dubai System Information

  1. Door features a sleek design with smooth operation and reliable performance
  2. The telescopic mechanism creates more passage width with the same operator width
  3. Suitable for 8 or 10 mm thick single tempered glass
  4. Lateral closing edge with a rubber safety profile
  5. Low k-value of the frame due to double glazing
  6. Excellent insulation features thanks to interlocking side seals and top and bottom seals
  7. Telescopic sliding door allows you to gain additional clear door opening particularly welcome in the tightest of spaces
  8. The carriages feature a height adjustment of up to 5 mm
  9. Telescoping door has an innovative design that improves upon inferior suspended track
  10. The load capacity of the carriages is 80 kg/panel (maximum panel weight)
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Telescopic Slide Doors

Doors are a great choice for businesses and homes alike. MAQS manufactures telescopic door Dubai, and they are designed in a way that provides a wide range of benefits, such as increased security, improved energy efficiency, and easy installation. These doors can also be used to create an attractive design feature that will draw attention to your property. Furthermore, telescopic sliding doors are often more affordable than other types of sliding doors. At MAQS they are cost effective and valuable.

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Double Sliding Door

MAQS is now offering Double doors to make your homes more secure and luxurious. Double sliding systems can be effectively used for living areas of your homes so that large areas can be divided easily. Double door system can easily be attached to any large area, and it will make your spaces more open toward air and natural light.

Telescopic Double Sliding Door

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Telescopic sliding doors Dubai is a great choice for any home or office. Door manufacturers at MAQS offer convenience and space-saving benefits, making them a popular choice for people in Dubai. Many types of doors are offered by us, each offering unique advantages. From bi-folding to pocket doors, doors can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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Major Aspects of Telescopic Doors

Doors are an innovative and space-saving solution for any home. They can be used to separate large, open spaces into smaller, more manageable areas. They offer a variety of benefits such as improved security, increased privacy, and enhanced energy efficiency. These include single-track doors, double-track doors, folding doors, and motorized doors. Each type is freshly manufactured by door experts in Dubai and has its own unique features that make it suitable for various applications.

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