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Aluminium Double Glazed Folding Doors dubai 01

Aluminium Double Glazed Folding Doors

MAQS has now launched aluminum double gazing doors providing a high security system to your homes. These doors are purely manufactured by our specialists in Dubai maintaining the panels in the door and using high quality aluminum. It will benefit you with the interior of the house, moreover, providing a light-filled view of your living […]

Aluminium Pergola 02

Aluminium Pergola

The Aluminium pergola Dubai is one of our purely manufactured door designs featured lately. It provides resistance to harmful rays and also to harmful elements entering your home. A sleek surface with impeccable design is now installed by MAQS DOORS DUBAI. We assure you with high-quality materials installed in our Aluminum Pergola Dubai. So that […]

Glass Doors Dubai 03

Frameless Folding Door

At MAQS specialists install Frameless folding doors with delicacy as they are made of pure glass. Providing your homes, a move to the future of Dubai. Fameless folding  doors are the best choice to fill up an extra space in your living area. They will also cope with security conditions and a high alarm system. […]

Hinge Doors 04

Hinged Doors

A part of folding door is hinged door, different styles and assortments can be made on booking a hinged door for your home. Single and double hinges, both doors will benefit you with your vacant spaces. Utility areas are perfect for our hinged doors. As these doors are hinged doors, it potential is connected to […]

HT70 Folding Doors 05

HT70 Folding Doors

Our HT70 Series Folding Door is a standard aluminum system in Dubai where doors are united with hinges and top mechanism so as pulling the first door will lead the others together. The doors are applied into track rail which is fixed on top and slide using special rollers that provide smooth and quite movement.HT70 […]

Folding Doors dubai 06

M26 Folding Door

Our M26folding doors have been greatly used for dividing a room or a living room from other exits of your home. These doors are designed in a way that they provide low maintenance rates and low risk of getting rusted. M26 is perfect for harsh environmental changes in Dubai. There are many designs, styles and […]

Slim Sliding Door dubai 07

Montana 120MM sliding system

Now we are introducing the MONTANA 120MM SLIDING Doors SYSTEM to assist people with a sliding series instead of just a door. The view across this sliding system is guaranteed as we have bulk of glass in its framing. Our Montana sliding doors. An easy installation process and strong locking system has been featured in […]

pivot door dubai 08

Pivot Door

High-quality and Durable Pivot Door MAQS now manufactures pivot door featuring a smooth rotation around the vertical axis. Providing slide with glassy look is our specialty. These doors are quite different from sliding doors as they are large in size and can have more than one-fold. The aluminum pivot entrance door at MAQS distributes its […]

Slim Sliding Doors dubai 09

Slim Sliding Doors system

Our team has now come up with slim sliding doors with new features and styles. As these doors are incredibly slim, they would never interrupt your view whether it is a garden or a living area. Now extra spaces are also can be sorted out just by the installation of slim sliding doors. Large panels […]

Aluminum Doors Dubai 10

SM45 Slim Series Folding Door

With a unique architectural design slim sliding series is a new advancement in home decorating. They incorporate a strong frame with an intellectual design. Rather than that our specialists also maintain the durability of the doors. Central to the success of MAQS SM45 folding Doors on residential projects is their versatility. There is no restriction […]

Telescopic Doors Dubai 11

Telescopic Sliding Doors

Telescopic sliding doors manufactured at MAQS have no limit to its width you can customize it according to your own choice. With MAQS`s telescopic doors you can divide any space whether it is a living room or a bedroom. Easiest installation processes and high determination of specialist at MAQS is guaranteed service. MAQS manufactures telescopic […]